Model Train Scales

A realistic and fun model railroad doesn’t have to be large.  Are you interested in a model railroad that tells a story, or even re-creates a scene or a time and place? Or perhaps you want a free-form track that can be changed over and over again.  Whatever your decision Walthers has a model railroad solution that will fit.

Get to know the most popular scales

Model trains come in many sizes, known as ‘scales’ because they are built to a ratio relative to the real thing.  Here are a few things to consider as you choose a scale;

The younger the modeler, the larger the train. Preschool and early elementary school agers can benefit from the added heft of an O or G scale train.  Middle  school and up will enjoy the HO or N scale. HO scale is the most popular, the most widely modeled and has the most products available. For the purposes of less confusion, we’ll focus on the most popular scales which are N scale, HO scale, and O scale. For a beginner who wants to make the most of the space available and can handle a train that’s a little smaller, HO and N scales are the most popular choices. These sets combine great value for the dollar with a very realistic appearance and a compact size. Plus, HO and N scales have the largest selection of accessories, including structures and vehicles.

Where to set up my trains?

You can set up your train on the floor, or any flat surface really.  If you’d like to make a permanent home for your train consider creating a train table. An old ping-pong or kitchen table can make a great base. If space is a concern, a piece of 2” thick foam insulation painted green to represent grass can be built in an afternoon and slid under a bed when not in use.