Expansion Packs

Expand for more fun!

Expanding your train set is a very easy thing to do. Ask any experienced model railroader and they’ll tell you that expanding the basic layout was one of the first things they did which really got them going in the right direction. Expanding your train set is as easy as getting an expansion kit, or you could actually buy individual track packs, turn outs, and curved tracks.

Check out this video on expansion packs and also visit your local hobby shop or the links below to shop for expansion packs.

Expand Your Fun

Expander Set – E-Z Track(R) — Steel Rail & Black Roadbed

Combines track and roadbed into a single unit to provide instant railroad fun.

Figure-8 Track Pack With Steel Rail & Black Roadbed

Figure eight expansion set with 30 degree crossing and 18″ radius curves. Expand Today!

Straight Track w/Steel Rail & Black Roadbed

Each section combines track and roadbed into a single unit, with snap-fit assembly and plug-in wiring.

Track Expander Pack – Two Turnouts w/wiring

All the track, turn outs, and curves needed to expand your train set and have even more fun with it.