Build Your Base

You can build a train set on any flat and near level surface, enjoy it, and put it away. If you’d like to have a more permanent home, build a nice table from an old door and a couple of saw horses, or…build a table.

Building a train table as a permanent part of your model train layout is when you start to really enjoy model trains. You’ll be able to enjoy your trains more because you will not need to put them away each time you use them. Space is a premium in most households today and there are several options and endless configurations for building a real model train layout.

Bench Work

Module Kit Stand — Straight

This modular kit stand from Woodland Scenics is super easy to assemble with a pliers, screwdriver, and hammer. It really only takes minutes.

Module Kit Stand — Corner

This modular kit stand is for creating a 45 degree or 90 degree corner model train table. Woodland Scenics makes this so easy to assemble.

Grass Mat 2-Pack — Light Green Each

Grass mat doesn’t get any easier than this Life-like 2 pack. Simply lay it down and tack it into place. Creating realistic looks on your first layout.