Bringing Your Layout to Life

Bring your railroad to life with lush greenery, fall colors, or glistening snow, and add trees, water, crops, shrubs, and more for a vibrant and realistic layout. Scenery is an important part of every layout. On your layout it can convey a sense of place – tall pines abound in northern forests amid rock outcroppings, deciduous trees are common in gently rolling landscapes.

Structures, people and autos help tell your railroad’s story. When you’re starting out a few houses, businesses and a train depot add fun for your train set. Buildings can also convey an era. A small industry building like a corrugated-metal coal tipple for loading a few hoppers can date back to the early 1900s, but tall coal flood loaders with silos for loading entire trains have been around only since the 1970s. When you search for structures you’ll find everything from houses to businesses and bridges to help your railroad tell its story. There are many, many accessories to choose from at with the widest selection found in HO scale. We’ve selected some of our most popular items to get you started.

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Water Tower and Shanty

The WalthersTrainline HO Scale Water Tower and Shanty is an easy-to-build kit typical of trackside structures used across the continent.



United Trucking

United Trucking building is the small truck transloading terminal business that every layout needs.



Midtown Hardware 

WalthersTrainline Midtown Hardware is a fully assembled brick storefront like those you’ll find in towns across the continent.



Katie’s Candy Creations

Katie’s Candy Creations is a WalthersTrainline business building that is a natural addition to any small or medium town storefront commercial district.



Trackside Signal Tower

Featuring a wood exterior, this fully assembled model is an instant detail for railroad yards, junctions and other busy locations.



Victoria Springs Station

The WalthersTrainline Victoria Springs Station is a fully assembled wooden train depot based on typical railroad buildings used along railroad lines across the continent.



Gemini Building

Gemini Building is a typical storefront commercial business that will look great in every layout scene.



Wallschlager Motors

Wallschlager Motors auto dealership is a WalthersTrainline commercial business that will look great in every small and medium town layout scene.


Shop Vehicles

Walthers SceneMaster

Heavy-Duty Fire Engine

This SceneMaster HO Scale Heavy-Duty Fire Truck fills a critical role in the modern Fire Department, carrying equipment and personnel ready to handle dangerous fires.


Walthers SceneMaster

UPS Package Car

Now its easy to add UPS(R) service to your HO layout.


Walthers SceneMaster

International(R) 4900 Roll-On/Roll-Off Flatbed

This medium-duty truck line was introduced in the late 1980s. Powered by a Navistar DT inline six-cylinder diesel engine capable of up to 350 horsepower


Walthers SceneMaster

Pizza and Hamburger Food Trailers

Serve up some fun along your HO layout with these colorful Walthers SceneMaster Food Trailer kits!


Pine Trees pkg(10)

Put new greenery in your scenery with layout-ready SceneMaster Trees!


Tear and Plant Grass Matt

Walthers SceneMaster ready-to-use Tear and Plant Grass Mats are perfect for adding grass in large areas.


Grass Tufts

Walthers SceneMaster HO Scale ready-to-use Grass Tufts are perfect for adding longer grass in small areas.


Leaves Ground Cover

Walthers SceneMaster HO Scale ready-to-use Leaves are perfect for upgrading older trees or as ground cover around forests and other landscapes.